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The Ukulady’s Cartooniverse specializes in producing animated content from start to finish, including cartoon shows, music videos, commercials, educational and more. Collaborating with lead artist/animation director, Will Guy of Goopymart, a clutch of other artist/animators representing a variety of styles and audio specialist Paul Hollman of the Dubroom Studio (as well as top composers and VO talent), Thessaly Lerner and the Cartooniverse crew endeavor to make clients’ Cartoon Dreams come true! The Ukulady’s Cartooniverse has produced 13 episodes of Astrid Strudelman, the Unicorn Whisperer for DreamworksTV, soon to be airing on the Verizon network and is currently producing 6 episodes of a new DreamworksTV cartoon.
Email for rates and more info.
To watch all 13 episodes of ASTUW, please email for the super-secret password!

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